True Dialogue

Honouring Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Customer Testimonials

"Training really enabled me to think outside myself and step outside my comfort zone.  Gave me confidence and a set of skills I can draw from moving forward in both my personal and professional life." 
Family Group Conference Training sponsored by ALIGN Association of Community Services 2015 - 2016

Christopher Wainwright, Youth Support Worker, Pathways Community Service Association, Calgary


"The script and role playing provide a great foundation for beginning to facilitate restorative conversations and conferences, and offers a process that sees harm truly repaired."  Facilitating Restorative Conferences Training 2014

Jeff Chalifoux, Social Worker, Edmonton


"It brings back power to the persons being harmed as well as the persons harming.  It is all about walking with people as opposed to doing "to" or "for" them.  This training would benefit schools."  Facilitating Restorative Conference Training 2015

Rocky Ward, Program Supervisor, Native Counselling Services of Alberta, former teacher